Kids backpacks

Girls like to be trendy when going to school, an after school activity, grandparents house or to a friend for a sleepover. Who can blame them for that? This year's trend are the holographic material and the sequin backpacks. 

The full size holographic backpack is offered in a set, so no need to look for a matching lunchbox or pencil case. 

Our sequin backpacks are smaller size ones, so even preschoolers can wear them, but they are great for short trips, after school activities or even as a gift!

Whether the backpacks are tossed in a locker, dragged down the hall, or shoved under the bed, you can count on them looking great the very next day.

Sequin backpack silver - $27.99
Sequin backpack pink - $27.99
4 pcs holographic set - $32.99
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